DoReMi at SJK (C) Jit Sin

DoReMi was invited to participate in the SJK (C) Jit Sin Charity Carnival. We opened a booth there to share the joy of fruits, games, fresh fruits juice with the students and visitors.

We were also given the opportunity to hold some fun games with the students and visitors there. DoReMi is proud and thankful for the opportunity given as we believe that fruits are healthy and nutritious for the body and the charity event is what we will support, “Being Healthy”.

On that day, DoReMi’s mascot joined us in promoting DoReMi fruits too. The mascot represents DoReMi as a whole where it shows itself as a fresh, healthy and fun person which is what DoReMi is. As the ambassador for the brand, DoReMi mascot is always ready to put a smile on people’s faces.