2011 Glanz Merdeka Living Green

On the 30th and 31st of August, DoReMi invaded the expo with our fresh fruits, our DoReMi people and not to mention our friends from Dole. With the hot weather on that day, our aim was to deliver the fresh feeling to the people by providing fresh fruits and fruit juice samples.

The event was at a high during the expo’s main event where we were given an opportunity for some fun, healthy and fresh activities with the visitors. We held a fruit eating competition and ended with a bang with a fruit “squeezing” contest. We would like to thank the participants for participating and congratulations to the winners!

We hoped that you managed to attend the event that day and got a try of some of our fresh fruits and balloons for the children. Keep updated with us for more fun events with DoReMi in our facebook page.

Learning How To “Have it fresh!”

We will be launching a series of short video clips on how to know that your DoReMi fruits are fresh. We also will be encouraging everyone to submit their ways to identify fresh fruits.

This short video clips will cover on most of the fruits that we have with the aim to ensure whenever you buy DoReMi fruits, they are fresh! So let’s learn together how to “Have it fresh!”.