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How To Make Healthy Cherry Viable Drink

Fruit: Cherry Nature: Warm in nature Nutrients: Rich in carbohydrates, water, pectin fiber, vitamin B, C, minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc. Functions: Enhances qi, expels wind and dampness, prevents amnesia, enhances body, enhances hematopoietic function, protects myocardial function, calms the nerve function and stabilizes digestive system. Don’ts: Those suffering from […]

DoReMi Apple

DoReMi Fruit Facts – Apple

How to select apples? Choose firm, shiny, smooth-skinned (without bruises) apples with stems still intact. The apple should smell fresh and not musty.   How to store apples? Refrigerate apples in a plastic bag and away from strong-smelling food. Apples soften fast at room temperature so avoid doing it. Use within 3 weeks.   Nutrition Benefits Fat […]


2012 DoReMi CNY Carnival

DoReMi is at KL Tropicana City Mall. Come to find us there start from now until 22nd January 2012. We are providing Ponkam, Teow Chew Kam and Sugar Tangerine. A lot of free gift awaiting you! See U there~


BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011

DoReMi was invited to witness the BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2011. We opened a booth there and were able to share the joy of fruits with the cyclist and visitors there.   Again, we were also given the opportunity to hold a fruit eating contest for the cyclist and visitors there. DoReMi is proud and […]


2011 Glanz Merdeka Living Green

On the 30th and 31st of August, DoReMi invaded the expo with our fresh fruits, our DoReMi people and not to mention our friends from Dole. With the hot weather on that day, our aim was to deliver the fresh feeling to the people by providing fresh fruits and fruit juice samples. The event was at a […]